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Feb 9, 2013 3:05pm EST
to see us do this before the march 1 trigger date, but if we go over, i hope republican colleagues come to their senses. >> what is the game plan, if we do go over the deadline. what is the game plan to think about -- for it if it becomes an economic drag? >> it is already becoming an economic drag. if you look at the last quarter of last year, you saw a downturn in economic committee and a factor behind that -- activity, and a factor behind that has been anticipation of the across-the-board cuts. if you get a slowdown in anticipation, it will get worse once the march 1 date hits. my view is you have to deal with this now and you are raising a broader question. all of these things upon us, the march 1 sequester, the march 27 government's federal authority to operate, and then the republicans move them debt ceiling debate until may 18. you have these self-imposed economic wounds, and we really should be dealing with them all at at once in a comprehensive manner. if we cannot deal with it for 10 years, deal with it for the remainder of this fiscal year, and that is what the house democrat
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1